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11 Jan 2014
8 Signs You're Ready For Marriage If both of you and your partner have a stable income and future career prospects seem bright for both of you, then money problems are unlikely to occur.Many a marriage have ended up in the gutter due to financial issues.Less worrying about finances means more time to get to know each other! 2:You know what marriage will entail Envy for friends that tie the knot shows that you have strong feelings about marriage.Feeling strongly about marriage is important.Knowing what you're getting into also ensures that you will be better prepared for things that a marriage will throw at you.For example, moving into a house together, or planning for the first baby. 3:You accept his quirks and oddities Everyone is weird in a way.Some of his quirks may be endearing, like the way he looks at you when he wants something, or when you give him a kiss.Others may be annoying like the way he always drops his socks off in the living room though you've told him countless times to put them in the laundry.But no matter what, good or bad, you accept and love him for who he is.If you can do this seemingly small gesture, you are yet another step towards a happy marriage. 4:You think about Bridesmaid Dresses: the future with him We think more so in pictures than words and if you find your mind constantly filled with images of the two of you together in the future, you're already programming your mind to take him as yours to keep.Thoughts turn into words, which in turn become actions.Thinking about the future with him will make you move in a direction that will include him in your life and you in his. 5:You trust him There are no more 'missed call' incidents nor are there a million messages in your sendbox when he goes out with the guys to the bar or pub.You have grown to trust that he will not do anything that will betray you while you can't watch him and you know that you can trust yourself to behave just like he does.This level of commitment and trust is hard to achieve even in relationships that have been going on for a long time.If you can achieve this level of trust, you are ready to take it to the next level! 6:You begin to use words like 'we' and 'us' When two people are comfortable enough with one another and love one another enough, they tend to start referring to themselves as we and us, each trusting the other to make decisions that will affect Evening Dresses Cheap UK both of them but in a positive way.If you and your man begin to use 'we' and 'us' more often and things turn out great, maybe it's time to have 'us' pick up some wedding albums that 'we' can browse together [: 7:You make small lifestyle changes You find yourself slowly eliminating some small things that he is uncomfortable with or you begin to do the things that you know he likes.This is a huge sign that you are ready for marriage because you are actually trying to adapt to fit him better.At this stage, he should also be exhibiting signs of changing the way he does things to make you happier.Maybe it was a passing comment about how a certain way his kitchen smelled and hey presto!The next time you went to his place he had it steam cleaned and installed air fresheners!Okay that seems a little over the top but you get my drift right? 8:You make long term plans Short Wedding Dresses together That car he wanted to get?You tell him that when he saves enough and gets it, he can drive you to work.And he agrees that it'd be a much better way to get you around besides taking the bus.The plans you both have for the future are shared and changed to fit around each others'.Holidays are planned, family dinners and gatherings, heck even the best time of year for a baby shower somehow found its way into your notebook.Looks like you guys are going to be in for the long haul. The next logical step in this would be to figure out if he is ready for marriage, whether he is ready to propose or whether you still have work to do in convincing him.Leaving things to chance is for fools.Consciously work at the relationship to make it better.If you don't know what you can do to make him propose, don't sit around wondering, seek help! .


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