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11 Jan 2014

Coco avant chanel Credits:Directed by anne fontaine and starring marie gillain, audrey tautou, alessandro nivola and benoît poelvoorde. Details: (Pg), 108 mins, In Cinemas 25 June 2009, France, English Synopsis:In an orphanage, silently standing next to a perfectly made bed, is a frail and slender ten-Year-Old girl with thick black hair.Gabrielle chanel, known as coco, and her many lives.The story of the path taken by Tiffany Sets Jewelry coco from her obscure beginnings to the blinding lights of paris. Genres:Drama, biography For a film about a classic style icon, coco avant chanel is pretty conventional stuff.Outside of the lovely clothes, period design and sumptuous cinemaTography, there is little To distinguish it from a standard biopic as it charts its literal rags-To-Riches storyline. In opening scenes, little gabrielle 'coco' chanel and her sister are sent packing to the local orphanage by their father;Their mother has died and the man who always refused to marry her wants nothing to do with his illegitimate children.The sequence is brief but the implication is clear:Adult coco's minimalist approach to style and pragmatic approach to relationships were hatched the website in these early years. A decade on, we find her working as a seamstress by day and a music hall singer by night.The austerity of the orphanage has left an indelible mark on gabrielle/coco(Not least, the stark contrast of the nun's habits), and she rails against the fussiness of the pre-War fashions;In an era of corsetry and a 'more-Is-More' approach to accessorising, she sticks out like a proverbial in her tailored frocks and man-Style suits. She views men as meal tickets and invites herself to live with a wealthy horse-Owner, mocking his lifestyle while living off its proceeds, and ransacking his closet to turn out makeshift prototypes of the styles that would later grace the runways.Coco's talent for millinery is noticed by an actress friend and though she toys with the idea of opening a boutique, she lacks the drive and ambition to establish herself.A personal tragedy causes her to re-Evaluate her priorities, and the rest-The boucle suits and quilted handbags-Is coco apres chanel history. It's interesting to watch and stunning to look at, but coco avant chanel's technical strengths far outweigh its dramatic ones.The story's central weakness is that it never really gets beneath the skin of the style icon and much of the responsibility for this must surely lie with audrey tautou in the central role.She is stunning and the camera loves her as she pouts and scowls-And smokes-According to her character's mood swings, but hers is a fairly passive portrayal of a notoriously independent trailblazer. A young chilean Tiffany Bracelets Sale couple receives an unexpected visit from the girlfriend of the wife's deceased younger brother.As a love triangle forms between the visitor and her hosts, the couple begin to take stock of their lives, and look at what's making them so unhappy.The sweltering barcelona sun sets the backdrop for director andrés waissbluth's sharp psychological insight into a couple's grief.Stars pablo macaya, tamara garea and andrea garcia huidobro. (From chile, in spanish) (Drama) (2008) (Rpt)Ma(N, s) An elderly religious couple barricade themselves in their home and begin to fire pistols from their balcony for no apparent reason.When a camera crew films inspector montalbano and his men entering the home, they become overnight heroes.But the publicity brings out the oddballs, and a disturbed maniac begins to send montalbano strange riddles linked to the kidnapping and murder of a young girl.Directed by alberto sironi and stars luca zingaretti, cesare bocci and peppino mazzotta. (From italy, in italian) (Drama) (Rpt)M(L, v) A compelling and poignant tale of friendShip between two proStituteS Struggling to Survive life on the StreetS of madrid.Caye iS a young woman whoSe family iS unaware of her profeSSion.She meetS her Striking dominican neighbour zulema, an illegal alien who'S been badly beaten up.They Strike up a cloSe friendShip unbeknownSt to caye'S xenophobic co-WorkerS.Winner of the 2006 goya award for beSt actreSS(Candela pena).Directed by fernando león de aranoa and StarS candela pena, micaela nevárez and mariana cordero. (From Spain, in SpaniSh) (Drama) (2005) (Rpt)Ma(S) An oscAr-Winning mAsterpiece About A quAdriplegic's desire to die with dignity.BAsed on the true story of rAmón sAmpedro, who wAs left A quAdriplegic After A swimming Accident some 28 yeArs prior, the film focuses on the finAl months of rAmón's life And his Attempts to win the right to An Assisted suicide through the courts.Although this is A poignAnt And moving film, it is Also full of humour.Directed by AlejAndro AmenábAr And stArs jAvier bArdem, belén ruedA And lolA dueñAs. (From spAin, in spAnish) (DrAmA) (2004) (Rpt)M(A) As middle-Aged professor jon prepares to tie the knot with a student half his age, events conspire agaInst him.His future mother-In-Law is vehemently opposed to the marriage, his first wife won't get off his back, and his best man is never sober for long.Jon begins to question whether love is enough.Winner of seven icelandic edda awards in 2008, including best film.Directed by baltasar kormákur and stars hilmir snær guðnason, margrét vilhjálmsdóttir and laufey elíasdóttir. (From iceland, in icelandic) (Comedy) (2008)M(N, s, l)


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